@ Texas

I’ve been disconnected for a few weeks as I have been on a business trip at Texas. With that said, here is a little summary of the trip and of course, some pics.

For the first time my gateway to US was Houston and we spent about 2 hours in line for migration. Obviously not the funniest 2 hours of my life but at least it wasn’t as crazy as the lines in Miami (at least the ones I remember). We rented a Chevrolet Cobalt and got lost after exiting the airport but managed to return to the airport and go straight up to the hotel (Mapquest, please update your maps!).

At work the usual stuff, meetings, knowing people and fighting with the computer hehehe After work then the fun part: dinning, sightseeing, etc.

Round Rock 375

Round Rock 268

The day of Thanksgiving I moved out of the hotel and crashed at my friend’s for the rest of the trip. They took me to Houston, Sea World, dinning (of course), shopping, etc. Thanks Liz & Sergio! 😀

Round Rock 426

It was a fun business trip/vacation. 🙂 The rest of the pics are at Flickr and the set is here.

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  1. melissa

    Querida Tatiana, te envío un fuerte abrazo de navidad, o de «Happy Festivus» como dice Leon Kadoch. Que el año nuevo traiga consigo la realización de tus sueños y metas, y por supuesto…como dice Walter: Mucho Amorrr! Una abrazo,


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